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An evening of happy memories!

One way or another, Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity certainly knows how to sprinkle a little magic and create happy memories for everyone.

After an unstable night’s sleep due to high blood sugar and ketone levels – many insulin corrections, insulin infusion set change and fluid – Holly and I woke at 6am; much to Holly’s delight!! Fortunately after a night of regular insulin corrections, my blood sugar and ketone levels were heading in the right direction and i was feeling much better in myself! After getting ready and letting Holly have a good run in the field, it was time to head down to the smokey city! It wasn’t long before Holly was fast asleep, laid across two and a half seats – this little Princess certainly knows how to travel – maybe she would prefer a limousine!

As always, with any Halstead trip, finding the hotel in London even with the Sat Nav on is always a little challenge and we tend to go round in circles – we got there in the end and safely arrived at the hotel! After a quiet afternoon trying to find a grassed area that Holly was happy with, it was time to get ready for the night of the year – Rays of Sunshine Annual Fundraising Party at the Old Billingsgate – to help raise money to grant magical wishes for seriously ill children!

The taxi driver was extremely kind and after hearing about where we were going, he asked us to give the cost of the taxi fare to RoS! As we entered The Old Billingsgate we were greeted by my Sunshine family – it was lovely to see everyone again after what seemed like ages, I even got to meet one of Jane’s lovely sisters – about time too after all the talking via twitter!! Holly loved all the attention and strokes she got from everyone though she got a little too comfy on a few occasions and decided to lie down on the floor which wasn’t the best of ideas as she blended in with the floor!! After mingling with everyone and catching up, it was time to be seated; we made our way to our table and settled Holly under it with a rawhide chew to keep her occupied!

The night of the year kicked off with an amazing performance of Fix You from BGT Winner Jai McDowall then Jane and Steve’s emotional speeches. There is something Steve said that I think will have stuck in everyone’s minds or at least it certainly has in mine – “As one charity we cannot change the world but each of us can change the world of one child.” – and how very true he is, the majority of you reading this now have helped change the world of a seriously ill child by helping me raise over £30,000 for Rays of Sunshine!

It was a pleasure to be seated with Sarah and her family and hear about her inspirational story. Sarah is 16 and is currently in remission from Leukaemia; earlier this month Rays of Sunshine granted her wish to have a celebration of life party. But Sarah’s wish was extra special – she wanted to raise money for Rays of Sunshine during her celebration of life party and give something back – to help other children have their magical wish granted. Sarah’s second wish had been to meet JLS and Rays of Sunshine were delighted to make that possible on the night – seeing the excitement on her face as the evening progressed was magical.

It was then time for the spectacular Spelbound who wowed us for the second year running – Holly too wanted to see and stuck her head out from under the table to see what was happening or probably to see what she was missing out on! After a delicious meal, it was time for the auction to begin – It was incredible listening to people’s bids increasing and knowing more magical wishes would be granted with the money raised!

Next up was the lovely JLS boys who we danced the night away with but as they performed their last song, it got even better! JLS were looking for two people to dance with them and thanks to the lovely Jane, Sarah and I took to the stage to dance the night away! Wow oh wow, it was amazing – Rays of Sunshine ambassadors all on stage together! One thing for sure, they definitely give the best hugs & kisses!

Whilst I was dancing the night away, Holly went to stretch her legs for a little while with Dad and thanks to everyone at The Old Billingsgate, Holly was invited to go upstairs where it was quieter – she even met Spelbound!! What a Princess she is!

After an unbelievable evening – over £600,000 was raised which will grant unforgettable wishes for very special children and hopefully Rays of Sunshine can make their very own wish come true of granting at least 650 wishes in 2012 as well as hosting numerous events!

A huge thank you to Rays of Sunshine for inviting us to such an incredible evening, it most definitely was the highlight of my year! I look forward to our Rays of Sunshine family continuing to expand as we grant many more magical wishes for very deserving children across the United Kingdom!

When we arrived back at the hotel at 1.30am and one very tired little lady (Holly) snuggled down in her bed after being on her best behaviour all evening, there was great excitement for me as I looked through the evening’s brochure and saw my name under the Special Ambassador heading on The Patrons page and now under the Wish Committee heading too! I am so grateful to everyone at Rays of Sunshine for all the amazing opportunities and experiences they have given me over the last few years and for their continued support in helping me become the person I am today…their special ambassador!

We woke on Sunday morning ready to spend the day in London before heading home to Yorkshire! As we walked down towards Tower Bridge, past the Tower of London, two Beefeaters stopped us and invited us to explore free of charge as they felt it would be good training for holly to be amongst crowds and different noises! Holly behaved well throughout and as usual was the talk of the attraction – we don’t get very far before someone else is telling me how adorable and well behaved she is which I of course agree with and Holly usually sits there with pride – I have a sneaky feeling she knows how special she is!! Holly and I are continuing to bond and starting to create a very special partnership. This exciting journey becomes more incredible each day – I am looking forward to my new found freedom with Holly and her helping me create magical wishes for seriously ill children! Despite none of us wanting to go home after such an amazing weekend, I think Holly was relieved to get back to Yorkshire fields!!

Rays of Sunshine – you are one in a million – thank you for an evening of happy memories!

Spreading Sunshine & Smiles for Rays of Sunshine!

What a busy week for one very important charity!

Just a little health update for you all before i fill you in on one very busy week spreading sunshine and smiles for Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity! I had a clinic appointment two weeks ago and everything went well – My exceptional consultant who apparently has an exceptional patient 😉 is extremely pleased with how things are and all is looking very positive! 😀 Due to recurrent tonsillitis, i am going to be referred to the ENT Specialist but generally from a auto immune insulin syndrome side of things – everything is improving! I had a number of hypo’s during RoS Awareness Week so plenty of sugar was had, after a reduction in my insulin, things are settling again! :)

Rays of Sunshine Awareness Week took place on the 16th – 22nd May in which the aim was to help spread sunshine and smiles to the most deserving children in the U.K by organising exciting fundraising events! During their awareness week, they launched the Sunshine Breakfast Club. The idea was easy – people downloaded a Sunshine Breakfast Pack from and invited friends, class mates or colleagues for breakfast in return for donations. There are around 20,000 children in the UK living with a serious or life limiting illness. Every day of the year Rays of Sunshine grant a wish for one of these children. This year they hope to make the dreams of 500 children come true which can only be made possible with the help of people like you!

As Special Ambassador and “the face” of the Rays of Sunshine in the north of England, being a media spokesperson about the experience of a wish and generating awareness about the charity and inspiring others to do the same, the awareness week was a perfect time to help spread some sunshine and help raise money to grant another magical wish.

The week kicked off with a “thank you” Sunshine breakfast which was delivered to EveProducts who have been extremely generous over the last couple of years supplying me with banners and equipment for the fundraising events that have taken place and coming along to the events too!! Mum and I delivered bacon sandwiches, pasteries and fruit juices to them all on Monday morning as a thank you for all they have done over the last couple of years!

I was delighted to be invited to Ghyll Royd School, where my sister teaches, on the afternoon of Monday 16th May for Assembly in which I spoke to the children about having a wish granted and the importance of raising money to help other seriously ill children have their wish granted. The children were extremely receptive and enthusiastic – I asked the children to think of “what they would wish for?” they replied with some imaginative wishes – from flying in a rocket, singing with Hannah Montana, going in a submarine, seeing himself in a video game to their family turning famous!

The children and staff at Ghyll Royd School raised money throughout the awareness week “Week for Wishes” selling Raffle tickets, Rays of Sunshine wristbands, Pin badges, homemade chocolate sauce and Mrs Malliks’s yummy Cake Pop’s! Wednesday 18th May was a very exciting day – Ghyll Royd’s Sunshine Breakfast which I was delighted to be part of – all of the children and staff came dressed in their pyjamas and enjoyed a ‘Get Healthy and Fit’ session run by Nicky Wilces followed by a ‘hotel style’ breakfast of cereal, full English breakfast, croissants and fruit juices! From the number of happy faces on the photos taken, I think everybody had a fantastic time, as did I, whilst helping turn wishes into happy memories for seriously ill children! I would like to think that the Sunshine Breakfast was one of the many happy memories the children will have from being at Ghyll Royd School.

Headteacher Mrs Connor said; ‘It is always wonderful to raise money for a worthy cause especially one so close to the schools heart. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event; particularly the children who enjoyed seeing their teachers join in wearing their pyjamas too. It was a huge success made possible by the help of the whole school community and with special thanks to Alice Halstead. We hope that the money raised will help a child’s wish come true.’

Special thanks to everyone at Ghyll Royd school, especially Mrs Connor, the staff and PTA for helping me turn wishes into happy memories for seriously ill children. Ghyll Royd School raised over £900 in which one very special wish will be granted with the money raised!

Thursday i had a trip to Transplant Clinic at the Leeds General Infirmary so i could talk to parents and children post transplant about having a wish granted and completing the wish pack! After a busy morning – 16 rays of sunshine wish packs were given to 16 families and the children left thinking about what they would wish for!  I do love being part of the Rays of Sunshine team!

We also got the permit to Bucket shake in Leeds city centre on Saturday 21st May in which we raised £369.40. We (Mum, Dad, Simon Painter, Stephen Caswell and I) were fortunate that the weather was dry though I have decided its “not my thing,” I think I will stick to organising Sunshine Balls’ and other fundraising events!

A very big thank you for the annonomous donation of £500 for Rays of Sunshine – I am sure that one very special child will have their magical wish granted with the money donated!

After a successful week, I am delighted to be sending a cheque to Rays of Sunshine for over £1700.00 – We couldn’t have raised that fantastic total without the help of Ghyll Royd School who raised over £900 at their amazing Sunshine Breakfast! Another milestone was reached during Rays of Sunshine Awareness Week as we reached £30,000 raised on my justgiving page –!

Thank you for everyone’s continued support! xxx

It’s nearly #SunshineBall time!

Dear all,

Four years ago, my life was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with a unique form of diabetes where my body produces antibodies to the insulin I require to keep me alive. This causes extreme fluctuation in my blood sugar levels – any insulin given subcutaneously is saturated by the antibodies and stored before releasing large amounts of insulin into my blood stream, causing me to go unconscious due to low blood sugar seizures and on the other scale, blood sugars in the high 30s and my body ketotic. As a result the hospital became my home for the last three and a half years and normal everyday living like socialising with friends came to a sudden halt. Moving away from home comforts and the company of family and friends was difficult and upsetting but I knew it was for the best. Everything was a risk and a guessing game, there wasn’t anyone out there with a similar problem and that was the difficult part, an intravenous drug was found which would remove all my antibody making cells and would restart my immune system completely but with that brought secondary problems – an infection of the heart valve and numerous blood clots. After a long four year battle of constant monitoring by medical staff and numerous immuno suppression treatment to try and stabilise my condition, I was given the exciting news that I was able to be discharged from my hospital bed for the first time in three and a half years with a team of nurses to monitor my blood sugar levels overnight. Unfortunately, despite looking forward to Christmas and New Year at home for the first time in four years, I was re-admitted to the hospital on New Years Eve and spent a week attached to numerous intravenous pumps trying to stabilise my condition once again! Through every hurdle I have faced, I always try to keep a smile on my face and hope in time things will improve. Spending three and a half years in hospital makes you realise there is always someone worse off than yourself.

Despite it being four years of highs and lows, I was fortunate to be granted a wish by Rays of Sunshine. Rays of Sunshine is a children’s charity dedicated to granting wishes to seriously and terminally ill children between 3-18 years old. They enable the child and their family to experience the joy and excitement of doing something they have only ever dreamt of before. When I was given my wish pack three years ago by the play leader at the Leeds General Infirmary, not only was I in a state of shock that I would be considered for one but what would I choose – That was the moment when I realised how poorly I was. In my naivety, wishes were for terminally ill children who went to Lapland – how very wrong I was. My wish – to go to London to see the Lion King gave me many memories to keep, the organisation was fantastic and I enjoyed a night away from my hospital bed for the first time in three years. I can’t thank Rays of Sunshine enough for everything they have done for me and for treating me like a princess. Following my wish, I wanted to give other seriously and terminally ill children a similar opportunity to me and knew the only way I could do that was to start raising money from my hospital bed. You only need to look at the wishes granted on the website: to see what a difference you can make to these very deserving children.

Within 3 months of my wish, Alice’s Sunshine Appeal was formed and in 16months I have raised over £28,000 for Rays of Sunshine in which 12 special wishes have been granted and turned into happy memories! Wishes we have helped to grant include going to Disneyworld Florida to enjoy the magic of Minnie & Mickey Mouse, Swimming with Dolphins, Going on a shopping spree to receiving a laptop so they can keep in touch with their friends whilst being in hospital. Wishes range from £500 to £6,000. Five hundred pounds will grant a child’s wish to be collected by Limousine, and taken to Legoland to spend a day of fun there! More expensive wishes include holidays abroad like Disneyland, Disneyworld & to meet Santa Claus. The above example wishes are only possible with your support and contribution through sponsorship.

In November 2010, In recognition of my dedication and passion to fundraising for them, I became the first Special Ambassador for Rays of Sunshine. I have now made it my mission to help bring a ray of sunshine into the lives of children and their families, making sure that every child, in particular those in the Yorkshire area, have their once in a life time wish granted. Consequently, I am organising Alice’s Sunshine Ball to raise money for them so I can help bring lots of happy faces to very poorly children and keep them smiling through their toughest times, as they did with me.

I would welcome your support by your attendance at the event which will be held at The Queens Hotel, Leeds on Saturday 12th March 2011; tickets are £60 per person and includes Drinks Reception, 3 course meal & half a bottle of wine per person, Entertainment & Dancing, Auction, 50/50 Balloon Raffle and the pleasure of knowing you are helping full fill magical wishes for very deserving children and their families.

The event also relies on sponsorship and donations, this includes (All sponsors will be acknowledged in the Souvenir Programme):

1) Champagne Reception at £1250

2) Entertainment at £1750

3) Decoration at £200

4) Raffle & Auction Prizes – Last year’s 50/50 raffle raised a huge amount of money and seemed to bring great fun to the event especially knowing that every time another balloon was popped, £10 was donated to Rays of Sunshine. Raffle prizes last year consisted of champagne, jewellery, overnight hotel breaks, Flowers, Dyson, Hampers, vouchers etc and we are hoping this year’s will be another success full of amazing raffle prizes. We had an auction full off Holidays, signed items from Celebrities, day in the recording studio etc and hope more remarkable prizes are to be donated for Alice’s Sunshine Ball 2011!

5) A very special sponsorship for one very Special and deserving little girl and her family at £250. If you were fortunate to attend last year’s ball, you will have read about a little girl called Madison. Last year, with the help of Rays of Sunshine, Maddy’s wish – to go to Disneyland to see Tinkerbell should have been granted. I met Maddy and her mummy when I was transferred to the Leeds General Infirmary in 2007 and have remained very special friends. If Maddy had to be admitted to the LGI, she would say “Mummy, can we have a sleepover in Alice’s room?” Maddy had a bowel and liver transplant when she was a year old, unfortunately in December 2009 Maddy was re-admitted to Birmingham Children’s hospital with severe bowel rejection. As a result Maddy was unable to join us on the evening but Maddy is now doing well and looking forward to dressing up as a Princess and attending the Sunshine Ball this year. £250 would enable Maddy and her family to be able to join us on the evening and for Maddy to be pampered in true Princess style ready for the big night.

I hope the fundraising success can continue and together we can help turn wishes into happy memories for children living with a serious or life limiting illness. Please feel free to contact me on [email protected] for any further details about the event or visit
Thank you for your Support


Former Wish child & Special Ambassador for Rays of Sunshine

Sunshine Ball Invite

Celebrating my discharge from the hospital in style with @RaysofSunshine!

You will be pleased to know, we made it down to London safely…without the sledge!

After a very excited nights sleep in my own bed and the excitement of going to the Rays of Sunshine Party, we woke at 6.30am (scares me now thinking  how early i got up :)) ready for the journey down to London with numerous pillows and fleecy blankets so we could sleep on route! Luckily once we got out of Yorkshire, the snow disappeared and we got close to London without little trouble! However once we hit London and the delightful Sat Nav lady became our tour guide to the hotel, we struggled somewhat with her numerous commands and her lack of understanding of the London Roads!! It was amusing though as Simon well knows from the text messages and tweets! :) Nothing is straight forward with a Halstead Road Trip! Eventually, after an hour and a half of going round in circles and the constant annoying voice of “if possible do a U turn”, we arrived at the hotel!

After a little nap, one very excited girl, got ready for the big night – ready to celebrate my hospital discharge in style and help raise lots of money for Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity so more magical wishes can be turned into very happy memories!

After a delightful taxi ride with what must have been the grumpiest taxi driver ever, who complained the whole of the short journey as to why we had got a taxi, why we hadn’t walked and she was sick of pointless journeys, we arrived at the Old Billingsgate and were greeted by lots of smiley faces!! Hooray!

The room was spectacular and made my Sunshine Ball look rather small! It was lovely to see everyone from my Rays of Sunshine family again and get a few ideas for my ball next year! :) I also had the honor of meeting so many volunteers and supporters of RoS, everyone seemed to know who i was but i knew very little about them! I was also introduced to the lovely Jane’s (Cheif Executive for RoS) family minus her two sisters who were unable to be there :( but shared the night with them via twitter! The joys of social media sights!

After mingling with guests and enjoying a glass of champagne, we went through for dinner!! :) Labrinth kicked off the amazing evening with his debut single of Let the Sun Shine – perfect song! Shortly followed by Jane and Steve’s emotional speeches! Steve described the whole of my 3 year journey, from being diagnosed with diabetes, to being admitted into hospital, the ups and downs we have had as a family whilst being in hospital full time, my amazing Rays of Sunshine wish to London, fundraising and helping turn wishes into happy memories for seriously and terminally ill children and finally becoming Special Ambassador! Followed by a spectacular performance from Spell Bound – one of dad’s highlights of the evening!

We had a very lovely starter and main meal before i was whisked away to meet the Special Guest, Mr Olly Murs and have my photo taken!! 😀 I know you are all jealous!! After a quick photo shoot with Olly, the Sunshine Ladies…and Steve, it was time to enjoy the delicious dessert and time for the main auction to begin! :) It was incredible watching the auction begin and the amount raised increase!

We all danced the night away with Olly before saying goodbye to everyone at Rays of Sunshine and heading back to the hotel! Over £500,000 was raised which will grant unforgettable wishes for very special children! A huge thank you to Rays of Sunshine for inviting us, we all had an amazing evening even though it was rather emotional at times! I can’t think of a better way of me being able to celebrate my discharge from the hospital than spending it with my Rays of Sunshine family! Another memorable time was had thanks to Rays of Sunshine with so many happy memories to treasure!

My first event as Special Ambassador for @RaysofSunshine

On Wednesday, Dunelm Mill held a Friends & Family Evening at all there stores across the United Kingdom to help raise money for Rays of Sunshine. This year (August 2010-2011) Dunelm Mill is charity partners with Rays of Sunshine and they are helping to turn wishes into happy memories for lots of very special children! Many Rays of Sunshine volunteers, including Mum & I went along to our local store to bucket shake…many staff members wore fancy dress, there was a raffle and 15% off for those with a special invitation!

It was my first Rays of Sunshine event as Special Ambassador and i wore my SA t-shirt with pride! I am so fortunate to be Special Ambassador for Rays of Sunshine and be part of a fantastic team. We organised for a professional photographer (Sian Jarvis) to come and take some photos of the event and here are some below!!

Despite being told not to step outside of the building alone as it was in the red light district! We had a fun filled evening raising lots of money for Rays of Sunshine! Big thank you to Dunelm Mill for choosing Rays of Sunshine as their Charity of the Year and for being so friendly on the night!

Six Months & Counting till…Sunshine Ball!!

Sorry its been a while since i last blogged, i have become quite slack with my blogging!

Medically, I am still well!! Hooray!! I had a slight sore throat last week but nothing major and all is good again! Blood sugars are fluctuating quite a bit overnight at the moment, i have a high blood sugar late evening and then it comes crashing down overnight and i end up on half hourly blood sugars….and more often than not, require a sugar fix too! I now have an outpatients appointment to go to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge on Friday 15th October to see the consultant and Professor. Cambridge have been heavily involved over the last 3years and that is where all my fancy blood tests are performed…so hopefully they may have the answers to some of our questions!

We had a busy day on Tuesday,  as patron of the appeal, i was invited to the Leeds Children’s Hospital Appeal Innovation day! Lots of future fundraising ideas were shared and a bit of fun too – two words – Paper & elephant!! We had to tear an A3 sheet of paper behind our backs,  into the shape of an elephant…i will add, mine didn’t resemble an elephant!! Try it, its a giggle!!

I am looking forward to the Yorkshire Evening Post Awards too, just over a month left now!  I’m sure it will be an inspirational evening! I am in a category with 3 other people, one of which is a Lance Corporal who in my opinion is a far more worthy winner of a bravery award than me! He has put his life on the line whilst serving for the country and whilst in action stepped on a roadside bomb and lost both his legs and part of a hand. Now, in my eyes, that is bravery!

The countdown to next years Sunshine Ball has begun, and its going to be a long one! Mum & I went to The Queens Hotel this week to discuss the menu, sign the contract & pay the deposit! We had a chat with the head chef, who had remembered who we were, partly due to the vivid memory of him having to make 232 special ray of sunshine desserts!! He has opted for the easy option for next year and has bought a food printer so we can have the Rays of Sunshine logo on each dessert or even a photo of me!!! I’ll let you choose!! If i say so myself, the menu sounds rather delicious!! We have two choices for the starter – Tomato and Roasted Pepper Soup with basil Sour Cream or Melon, served with Champagne, Mint Sabayon and Soft Berries! Dad is over the moon that he is able to have soup, as will those who want something more filling for their starter! Some of you had also queried whether it was possible to have only white wine on the table or only red wine, rather than a combination…your question has been answered and The Queens are more than happy for that to happen!

I know some of you would like to buy tickets before Christmas or as Christmas presents so i’m hoping to have them ready for mid – end of October! I have left the design work up to the trusty Nick and i’m very much looking forward to seeing the final design for the tickets & invitations! Exciting! I haven’t started my search for raffle prizes yet, though i feel i ought to soon seen as i’m on the hunt for over 250 which all need to be over £10, ready for the 50/50 Balloon Raffle! :)

So, get the date in your diary – Saturday 12th March 2011 – and come and lets help turn wishes into happy memories for children living with serious or life limiting illnesses!

Just a little update!

Can you believe its a full two weeks since i last blogged?!

After seven weeks of hypoing intermittently day and night, a blood sugar of 1.5mmols and a very exhausted body, things finally seem to be stabilising. I will be going down to Cambridge for an outpatients appointment in the near future to see the Proffessor there but overall my consultant is very pleased with my blood results and medically, everything is looking favourable! My antibody levels are positive, then negative, then another positive etc, but hopefully after further blood tests we will find out whether they are mischievous antibodies again or not! It is thought that they are not which will be great if its true! I am beginning to reduce the frequency of my blood sugar taking during the day now, which is great as it gives my fingers time to recover, sometimes more successful than other times as if i hypo (blood sugar drops below 4mmols) then it needs to be taken every 15minutes until stable. Fingers crossed everyone!

Last week was the launch of the Leeds Children’s Hospital Appeal, which i am now Patron for along with the lovely Sarah Monte (Chloe’s mummy) & Nick Wayne. Mum and I had a lovely day but it was rather exhausting, definitely worth it though! Over 2,000 balloons were released at the beginning of the launch, Sportacus made a special appearance, patients old and new were there, Consultants and are constant stream of Paparazzi. It was just like being celebrities. Tweeting live from the launch was a success however some tweets didn’t make it onto there facebook!  But from the number of hits they have had on facebook and people ringing in wanting to donate, the appeal has successfully begun!

The ball is most definately booked for Saturday 12th March 2011, the contract just needs to be signed and the early stages of planning has begun! Special requests were made by many of you, that the 50/50 balloon raffle takes place again, seen as it raised over £3000 alone on the night, i think i may well fulfill your wish, seen as you will be helping Rays of Sunshine grant wishes for seriously & terminally ill children by coming on the night!! Anyone have any ideas on entertainment for the evening? If you want to know more information about the Sunshine Ball, just click on Future Events! Tickets are not on sale as yet but will hopefully be out in the next couple of months as i know some of you would like them before Christmas!

I also had an email last week to say i am now on the waiting list to receive a hypo alert dog, although its great news, i am no doubt at the bottom of a very long waiting list so it will be a little while off yet before my sunshine pooch takes residence at the Halstead house! Will keep you posted on my progress! My adventures with a hypo alert dog will no doubt turn into a regular blog alone!!

Big Congratulations to Martin who successfully completed his cycle ride from Lands End to John O’Grotes raising £6,200 for Rays of Sunshine which will grant many special wishes for very special children! Thank you for choosing rays of sunshine Martin!! :)

Thats all for now!! Will blog again if i have any news to share! :)


A little bit of Sunshine is coming to Yorkshire in 2011!

Its booked!! :) Today i booked the big date for next years Sunshine Ball to raise money for Rays of Sunshine!!

Since Alice’s Sunshine Appeal began, we have raised over £27,500 for Rays of Sunshine in which 8 special wishes have been granted so far and turned into happy memories! Wishes we have helped to grant include going to Disneyworld Florida to enjoy the magic of Minnie & Mickey Mouse, Swimming with Dolphins, Going on a shopping spree to receiving a laptop so they can keep in touch with their friends whilst being in hospital.

Wishes range from £500 to £6,000. Five hundred pounds will grant a child’s wish to be collected by Limousine, and taken to Legoland to spend a day of fun there! More expensive wishes include holidays abroad like Disneyland, Disneyworld & to meet Santa Claus. The above example wishes are only possible with your support and contribution through sponsorship.

Alice’s Sunshine Ball 2010 was a huge success raising over £17,000 for Rays of Sunshine Children’s charity in which 4 special wishes have already been granted for 4 very special children. Take a look at their magical wish (

Alice’s Sunshine Ball 2011 will be held on Saturday 12th March at The Queens Hotel, Leeds in which I hope the fundraising success can continue and together we can raise £25,000 and help turn wishes into happy memories! More details to confirmed very soon, keep checking the website for updates!

Thank you for your generous contribution and support and I hope to see you in March 2011!

Love Alice

Wishes can only happen with the help of You!

A very big thank you to Kate & Dec

Yesterday we went to Skipton Rugby Club to celebrate Kate & Dec’s 40th birthday party! We all had a lovely evening and my curfew to be back at the hospital was extended!! The night held a very happy surprise, they had asked for donations to be made to Rays of Sunshine instead of gifts!! When Dec mentioned it in his speech, i got rather emotional because it meant so much to me and that another wish would be granted with some of the money raised! So i would like to say a very big thank you to them both and their family and friends for their very kind and generous contribution on the night!! £180 was donated…THANK YOU!! :)

Medically things are stable-ish!! For the last 5 weeks i have hypoed intermittently every single day & night!! On Thursday things seemed to turn a corner and i had 2 hypo free days but it didn’t last long, yesterday morning my blood sugars dropped again!! The joy continued into the night and i was greeted to fruit juice and Marks & Spencer Colin the Caterpillar sweets in the early hours of the morning!! The novelty of midnight feasts has definitely worn off!!

Fundraising…the date of the second Sunshine Ball had been provisionally booked for Saturday 26th March 2011, this may be changing but i hope to give you a definate date next week so you can all get it in your diaries!! Some of you may have seen that i recently added a page on my website to the ‘wishes we have sponsored.’ There is 6 of the 10 wishes (some children and their families prefere to have no publicity and therefore these are not displayed on the internet.) we have sponsored and wanted you all to be able to see the happy faces & memories that been made with the money we have raised.

I have spoken to a few people in the last couple of weeks who have been intrigued by some of my facebook status’s about a hypo alert dog, yes it is true, a dog can be trained to detect low or high blood sugars and alert its owner. I recently read an article about a little girl who has Type 1 diabetes and their family dog was trained to detect when her blood sugar levels dropped…apparently when your blood sugar levels drop, you release an odour and due to dogs smell being greater than ours, they are able to sense it! After a little more research and lots of discussions, I successfully sent off the application pack to apply for a hypo alert dog. If i am accepted it will hopefully mean less blood sugar tests needed (as the dog will hopefully sniff it out a low blood sugar and alert me) but also more independance to be able to go out alone with the dog and not be concerned about having a hypoglycaemic attack. So watch this space, it still is early days as i haven’t been accepted as yet and it also takes up to a year to train them but i will keep you all informed on my progress! :)

Right thats it for now, i think, off to Betty’s this afternoon with Laura & Simon!!


P.S. If you get time, take a look at Martin’s blog, i mentioned in my last post about him cycling from Land’s End to John O’ Groats! Once again Good luck from us all, Martin!!

You can bank on @bigdavesb

I first met Big Dave at the JustGiving Awards in February but since then he’s been an endless source of amusement with his various antics and fund raising activities. He came to my first Sunshine Ball last March and spent the day of the ball in Leeds railway station with a bucket asking travellers for donations. Today he’s taking on a slightly busier station in the hope of beating his own personal fund raising best, a staggering £2,636.44, for Rays of Sunshine.

I am particularly pleased that he’s chosen Rays of Sunshine because I have been raising money for them for a year now and have experienced first hand the fabulous work they do granting wishes for children living with serious or life limiting illnesses. If you’re around Bank tube station in London today please drop some coins in his bucket or if you aren’t nearby please donate via his virtual bucket here.

Dave has set out to grant lots of wishes today so please support him as much as you can. Lets help him grant wishes like these that are waiting to be granted.



We have set a date for our upcoming and biggest fundraising event so far for Rays of Sunshine!! So save the date guys...Saturday 28th November 2015, its going to be a magical event!!